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RoofDagan is implementing the accumulated practical and operational experience of Indoor swimming pools roofing constructions.   We are happy to hear our customer’s feedbacks for learning and proudly get 100% repeated orders for expansions of the roofing construction we built for them.

Recently the overall available knowledge and awareness to the sun damage for the swimmers and the users of water pools is increasing dramatically.      As a leading solution provider we are tightly in connection with major global suppliers in search of new and improved sun protection materials and technology to enhance our portfolio and solutions to our valued customers.

We invest in collaborations with companies with mutual technical challenges by attending worldwide professional trade shows, seminars and academic summits in Europe, United States and recently the Asian region to provide light weight, durable weatherproof and cost effective roofing solutions.

Roof Dagan designs aesthetic constructions with variable Architectural characteristics using Polycarbonate plates ranging from 8 mm to 18 mm.

RoofDagan was pioneer in using the 18 mm as standard to enhance the thermal isolation of the constructions and to increase the life expectancy and durability of the roofing plates.   We are proud to be the initiator of Bi-Colors plates that can provide the required aesthetic range while providing enhanced natural light management capability.    The Bi-Color polycarbonate plates are and excellent moderator for the greenhouse affect along with natural light growing usage demand.

RoofDagan management realized that the traditional clear or white polycarbonate roofing plates are expected to be replaced by plates with advanced colors some with metallic or reflective look matching modern construction materials used in Hi-tech parks and High-rise buildings.  The traditional clear / white plates are aging with yellow tint with foggy look the new colorful plates have better durability and homorganic sun light transfer.  To enhance the architectural capabilities and the users experience developed RoofDagan solutions to integrate matching aluminum frames and glass windows to maximize the outdoor ( in nature ) feeling.

Roof Dagan has the expertise to enhance the swimmers experience and health conditions by extending the Air quality if indoor pools often smell like ammonia.

We developed state of the art air treatment systems that automatically detect, control and evacuate Combined Chloramine and assure fresh and clean air is inhaled by the indoor pool users and swimmers.

Recent studies show that Combined Chloramine is the main reason for irritated eyes and nose for the morning swimmers and indoor pool users.   In the past many choose not to evacuate from indoor pools due to extended heating loose of air exchange.

Roof Dagan system minimize the heat exchange load.

 Roof Dagan’s bestselling solution is the “Electrically Controlled Open Roof Structure”.    The increasingly demand for comfort and versatility using pools all year round, around the clock (days and nights) in all weather conditions ( 4 seasons) is driving for flexible roofing solutions that enable the roof to be opened and closed on demand by a push of a button (electric switch).

RoofDagan implemented the opening roof for medium and large constructions (some with 50 meters openings) , The motion is controlled and activated by very reliable system proven to work flawlessly the past 20 years.  We invite our customers to view short videos of the opening roofs and their magnificent outdoor/indoor effect.

The Founder and the owner of RoofDagan , Mr. Yossi Dagan has the hands-on experience and knowledge to find the appropriate and most effective and beautiful solution to special design challenges.  As such Mr. Yossi Dagan is invited to consult large and complex projects by leading architects around the world.  Some of these projects are designed and managed by RoofDagan with local execution.

Roof Dagan under Yossi Dagan leadership is known as the “Creative roof solutions” company.

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